"Alessadria!" my mother called as i ran into the house. The rain had soaked my hair. I put the eggs on the table then squeezed the rain out of my hair.

"Yes mother?" I asked.

"Can you go get some mushroomes from the forest?"

"What now moma? But it is pooring, I'll catch a cold!" She turned around and looked at me. 

"Deal with it." I grunted pulling on a jacket and grabbing a basket. My petticoats were very muddy.

"Oh, and when you get home i would like you to clean up the mud you trailed in here and peel the potatoes in hte cupboard." I didn't respond, i just ran towards the frest slammign the door on my way out.

Were on Earth are the mushrooms, usually there's lots. It seemed like i had been searching for HOURS, I had only foun done. Mabye i should just go home?  I thought to my self when suddenly i heard a noise.

"Hello sister." I heard a soft voice coo, i swung around to find Marco leaning against a tree. I ran to him and hugged him.

"Marco! Your home at last!" I looked up at his bright green eyes. They seemed to be luaghing. We (my family) had no idea were he went. A matter of fact we NEVER knew were he went. When ever i asked he would completley ignore me, or just tell me i souldn't be noisy.

"Yes Alexandria I'm home at last." He hugged me back. "Where's mother? And what have you been doing out in the wood, alone, on a rainy day like this? You also seem to be wearign my old jacket from Lisbon." He grinned sheepishly

"Well I'm supposed to be gatherign mushrooms, but there dosn't seem to be any. Mother will smack me, and yes Iam wearing you old jacket. " I shivered, the jacket only gave little warmth.

"Oh, don't worry i have some mushroomes in this sack. Your cold." He loooked very consirned, his black eyebrowes curved around his eye"come sister." He grabbed my hand and helped me onto his horse and then got on. We cantared almost all the way home when i decided to tell himabotu my dream.

"Marco?" I asked rain biting my face.


I dreamt about you last night, and me." I covered my face in his shoulder.

"You did?" he seemed surprised. So i explained it to him.

"That's very odd!"he grunted pullign my off the horse as we stopped in front of my families cottage. Then he pulled me to the side and whispered,

"Don't discuss that dream with anyone else. Understand?" I was about to ask way when suddenly the door flung open and my mother and siblings gathered around Marco. I followed them in and started to sweep the floor when suddenly i saw a very big gash onMarco's ankle. He seemed to notice becuase i pulled his sock over it.

The End

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