Work, Dreams,Life, and LoveMature

Alessandria is a girl in a big world. She finds her self working all of the time and wonders if life will ever get better. Mabye worse?
She lives at a time of change and were woman absolutaly have no rights.

He grasped my hand. UG! I thought. My red curls bouncing on my shoulder as we ran through the dark night. I pulled up my ragged sleeves.

“Hurray Alessandria, we don’t have time!” Marko pulled his hood further over his face as we passed through the courtyard. I wanted to pull my grasps from his, I wanted him to let go of me. I didn’t know where we were going.

“Stop!” I yelled yanking my hand from his.  He turned around his black eyes filled with fury. 

“Alessandria, we don’t have time for this!” he grabbed it again. I yanked it away.

“I will only follow you if you tell me what’s going on!” He rolled is eyes and stood there for awhile.

“Tell me now Marko!” I demanded he sighed.

“Please Alessandria!” I gave him a look. We were silent for awhile, the dark night surrounding us. When suddenly I felt a movement in my stomach, I clutched it. Marko came over to me and whispered.

“You need to follow me.” He touched my stomach. I pushed him away.

“Do you need to take me away because I’m with child? I’m not in trouble, my husband knows!”

“That’s not what I need you for! You just need to help me tonight! You’ve only been with child for almost a month. You still can’t really tell. Just please help me Alessandria!”

“All right brother tell me!”I put my hands on my hips.

“I’ve done something bad Alessandria; you need to help me get away. I can’t tell you why. Just help me, please.” He looked serious what was so bad. Would I get in trouble if I helped him? Then we heard a noise we both jumped. He grabbed my hand and ran. Wind raced throuh my hair.

"Alessandria wake up!" Someone shook me thier hands were freezing cold. "Up, Alessandria! Go gather the eggs from the northren chicken coop." I grunted, I really didn't want to wake up. What was my dream about? I wonderd if it was to come true. I mean i wasn't even married yet. I was just past fifteen.

I got up and made my bed, the quilt was very beautiful. It had roses etched onto some of the squares. I called it my Rosie quilt. When i was little my older sister Rosie made it for me. The Rosie quilt was very close to me. Rosie (my sister) died of a child birth last year. She had a girl whom we named Antonia.

Put the quilt down, I pulled on a dress over my shift, than tied a apron around my waist.

"Oh! Alessandria, you look so lovely!" my youngest sister came danceing in. She petted my red curles.

"Oh, Julietta not talk nonsense! I'm not even wearing a suitable enough gown to bo considerd lovely." I combed through my hair. "You need to be more sensible Julietta, and not think of others better than yourself." Truthfuly I hated scorning Julietta. She was still young and so very close to me. But mother insisted that i scorn her so she'll know her rightful place.

"But Alessandria you are so pretty! And I'm not saying Im-" I cut her off and grabbed her hand.

"Come I need to get some eggs!" and with that we ran. We raced each other to the northren chicken coop.  Laughing as we ran, when suddenly it started raining. Well her goes my day.  


The End

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