Almost Doesn't Count

            Judd then closed his eyes, full expecting for his car to explode around him, but instead, nothing happened.  He forced himself to open his eyes-- it was one of the hardest things he had ever done-- and look into the glove box.  The expected GRENADE was sitting passively in the front of the box, as though waiting for him to open it.  What was fully unexpected was that HORSESHOE was sitting directly behind it with the same haughty demeanor.  They are laughing at me! But why are they not rolling away or blowing up my beloved truck? 

            When he made no move towards them, the two WMDs flew towards him.  He sat stock still as they landed on his leg.  Suddenly he understood.  Judd let out a huge laugh, a laugh of the likes he had never heard before.  He reached down with both hands and grabbed GRENADE in his left and HORSESHOE in his right.  “Almost doesn’t count EXCEPT in HORSESHOEs and Hand GRENADEs!” he declared in a jubilant voice.

            They were the best things he had ever tasted.   

The End

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