As he lay on the ground watching it roll away he finally got a chance to read what word it was.  He read the letters one by one as they flashed in his direction while rolling their way down the hill, almost as though mocking him.                                                                      H – O – R – S – E – S – H – O – E.

            Judd slowly climbed to his feet, this had not been a good day.  Not only did two crazy hyper-active WMDs get away but now I have grass stains all over my work pants.  He walked back to his car, mentally preparing himself for the tirade that was sure to follow from his boss.  Well at least that GRENADE didn’t blow up my car he allowed himself a small laugh as he sat down in his car.  As he reached into his pocket for his keys he saw something that froze the blood in his veins, a familiar trail of smoke was coming from the glovebox. 

            I should get out of my car and run, Judd thought.  But what about my car? I can’t just leave it here; I will never hear the end of it. Finally, after a couple deep breaths, he leaned over and flipped open the glovebox. 

The End

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