Fist Full of Rainbow

             Got it this time.  Judd sprinted towards the bench.  When subtlety doesn’t work try brute force.  He would have to eat it now, as the little criminal had destroyed his Black Hole.  As he approached the bench at a dead run there was a small popping sound.  Suddenly the bench was engulfed in smoke; Judd couldn’t see anything.  Smoke Grenade? Who thought this beauty up? An ex Green Beret?

                  He sighed and sat down on the bench; no longer caring that he couldn’t see his feet in the heavy smoke that still engulfed the bench.  He had almost had the WMD twice, but it had evaded him.  The office would not be happy about this; he knew that the grenade would cause headaches across the city until it was captured. 

            The sound of a falling tree brought him out of his despair.  There had not been an explosion accompanying the crash.  How did it manage that, is there such a thing as a saw grenade?  Judd walked out of the smoke and saw the offending WMD laying flat in the closely cut grass “U” shape.  Judd would not let this one get away. 

            He let out an animal scream, full of frustration and embarrassment that he had so thoroughly failed at his job this afternoon, and ran full tilt at the curled up Word.  It curled up into a full circle, as though noticing his presence and slowly began to roll down the hill leading out of the park into the road.  The colors of its rainbow trail changing positions as the letters took their turn propelling it faster and faster down the hill.  Judd would have admired the beauty in the ever-changing rainbow if he had not been so busy trying to catch it.  It’s going to out roll me!  Judd took a flying leap, as though diving into a pool, in a last-ditch effort to capture the Word.  He came up with a fist full of rainbow.

The End

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