Judd walked carefully back to his truck, never taking his eye off of the Word.  Now that he spotted it he didn’t walk to look away in fear of it running off to cause chaos elsewhere.  He slowly removed his VBHG from its spot in the truck.  I can’t miss, who knows what personality this WMD has?  He walked forward slowly, his feet making whispering sounds in the sand of the playground.  He quickly snapped his wrist, releasing the Black Hole. 

            The sound of an explosion instinctually made Judd drop to his stomach, covering his head with his hands.  No way! It actually blew itself up!  Judd slowly got to his feet and took a look over at where the GERNADE had been.              

            The jungle gym was no more.  It now looked like it was an attempt at modernist art.  Sharp pieces of metal were jutting from the ground; the top bars were nowhere to be seen.  As for his VBHG he could see small pieces of it littering the ground next to him.  Robby is not going to be happy about this.  He brushed himself off and took another look around.  At least that Word is gone.  What a way to go!  As he turned around he saw a small line of smoke rising from under a bench.  It was all Judd could do to keep his jaw from dropping to the ground. 

The End

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