A New Breed

There were no people in sight; the normally packed playground was empty.  He could still see the frenzy of small footprints, all pointed away from the middle of the park.  The first sign of destruction Judd saw was a yellow toddler’s swing sitting on the ground twenty feet away from the play area.  It looked as though it had gotten ripped cleanly off its chain.  The chain itself was nowhere in sight.  What the hell, what WMD does that?  Judd was curious now, this was something new.  New things always excited him.

            Judd walked around the back of the play area and noticed another disturbance; a small tree was lying on the ground.  Judd could see obvious signs of stress, it looked as though something had constricted around the base and cut straight through the tough trunk. 

            Judd caught the sight of a rainbow out of the corner of his eye.  Got ya!  The Word was sitting on the top of the jungle gym as if looking down on him.  He squinted to see exactly what word it was.  “Grenade?” Judd asked aloud, “Who uses the word grenade in everyday conversation?” The GRENADE did not design to answer.  It instead sat still, smoke curling off of the top of the “A”. 

The End

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