He heard Robby on the other end; “Hey buddy, someone called in and said there were some WMDs making a mess of the public park, mind running over there and baggin’ them?”

             “Of course not, want me to pick something up for you on the way back to the office?” He heard Robby’s chuckle on the other end of the line.  He pulled out of the parking lot and winced as he hit a monster of a bump.

            “Nope that should do it, the woman who called in said they were pretty speedy so best put on your running shoes.”

            “Where are those Magi when you need them?  I think they decided to help Shadimar to avoid having things thrown at them in the street.”

            Judd heard Robby’s hearty laugh, “I would love to see them out on the streets with you, chasing the little buggers down.”

            Judd smiled at that. “Anything else?”

            “That’ll do it, Cheerio!”

            Judd couldn’t help but wince.  No self respecting Englishman had used that phrase in two hundred years.  Leave it to Robby to butcher everything. 

            The first sign of turmoil was the sound of a car alarm.  Its shrill constant buzz was enough to make even the most calm of men take a bat to the car, although it would not be wise to say that out loud.  Judd parked next to the shrieking car and got out. 

The End

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