A Muddy Brown

It was a small device, close to the size of his fist.  He could see his reflection off the perfect sphere.  His crystal clear green eyes looked back at him.  I’m not half bad looking Judd smiled at his reflection.  He was not known as a classic charmer but wasn’t exactly shunned by the ladies.  He was almost six feet, although he would frequently say he was “six one”.  His black hair was unkempt, an obvious sign of someone who had decided haircuts were an extreme waste of money. 

            He looked away from the device and back at the WMDs.  They were now playing spinning in a circle around a PRINCESS in the middle of their congregation.  Quit wasting time, I’m sure there are more interesting words to catch today Judd quickly depressed the button on the top of the VBHG and threw it the cluttered array of Words and rainbows.  Without a sound it expanded into a small black hole, about the size of the tower of computer parts Robbie had back at the office.  The WMDs and their counterpart rainbows began to slide towards the centre of the hole.  The colors of the rainbows began to mix to a muddle brown as they began to disappear from sight.  Judd watched on, fascinated, watching a flock of LIKEs get eaten will never get old. As soon as the VBHG collected all of the WMDs it snapped shut in the blink of an eye, trapping the poor little glittery Words forever.  Good thing we have these crazy devices now, eating them was getting old. 

The End

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