A Pack of LIKEs

The first thing he noticed as he approached the school was the flood of rainbows all pointed in the direction of the school.  He climbed out of his truck and stepped carefully onto the sidewalk.  The school was an older building, likely over a hundred years old.  It was well maintained with a sense of loving attention.  He saw the pack of offending WMDs outside the main entrance.  Even from this distance the distinct shimmer of glitter raining from the WMDs was enough to identify them as a pack of LIKEs. 

            This type of WMD was thought to be one of the least destructive of the most common words that are created.  They were most commonly created by young women while talking to their friends.  Phrases such as “Like, Totally!” and the general abuse of the word “like” in general conversation made them a common nuisance.  When alone they were sluggish and sometimes Judd would even describe them as sad.  They were nearly transparent and left little to no rainbow trail.  It was only when they began to congregate in large numbers that they became noticeable.  They would float at ankle level and shoot glitter-like particles everywhere in their excitement.  Judd had heard stories about places without Word Catchers where the LIKEs would mass in such numbers that the glitter would block out the sun.  “If only women could learn to say what they mean” Judd muttered under his breath as he removed his portable Verbal Black Hole Generator from the back of his battered blue truck.  

The End

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