Poor Choice in Music

It was a minor problem at first; the people who had been infected were not only one of the best of the brightest minds in America but also a group of less than twenty.  They learned to be very careful about what they said out loud, a WMD could appear from any word, and quickly devour any word that appeared.  The infection, as all plagues must, eventually began to spread at an exponential rate.  Soon over half the industrialized world had been infected and it was up to Word Catchers like Judd to help keep the peace as Words of Mass Distraction ran amok and caused fear and anger everywhere they spawned.  The sight of the rainbow was enough to reduce many people to tears.

            Judd climbed back into the front seat of truck.  It was still early morning; the sun had just begun to peek over the tops of the surrounding buildings.  It left the uneven street covered in its own shadow.  Judd flipped on the radio “IF IM ALIVE AND WELL—” he winced and quickly turned the music back off.  Far too early for American rock and roll he looked down at the address that was displayed on his dashboard computer.  He was not surprised that it was a call from the middle school he had driven past this morning.  A 6th grade teacher had reported a pack of LIKEs collecting outside the school.  What a waste of time Judd sighed as he backed out of his parking space.

The End

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