The Bat and the Rainbow

            “I saw a WMD trail on the way to work this morning outside the middle school but it flew away before I could figure out what it was.” Judd winked at friend, they both knew that he was just being lazy.  He walked over to his small desk to sign in.  He was a field agent, not a white collar paper-pusher, and he would not be in the office long.  It wasn’t that he didn’t see the importance of his job, not that at all, but it wasn’t like anything destructive could come from the mouth of a child.  It wasn’t until a full week after the Sneeze that the true horror of the WMDs became clear. 

            One of the “Founders” of the Word Plague had been sitting at home, watching a Braves game.  At one point in the game he grew incensed and shouted at the TV “That was a strike! I wish I could take a bat to your—” Then he saw the wordBAT floating in front of him.  “Oh, that’s not good” the BAT then, true to its name, began flying around his house, smashing every window in sight.  The neighbors said they saw the Founder in question chasing a rainbow around his house shouting at the top of his lungs “I’m going to eat you when I catch you!”  It was quite an eventful day. 

            Historians hundreds of years later would mark that as the first day of the Word Plague, the collective gasp heard around the world as mankind realized the full extent of the problem.  The WMDs were not able to directly harm living things, Shadimar would have never given a demonstration with something he deemed to be dangerous., but nobody in their right mind would want to be on a boat with a WMD named ICEBERG floating in front of them.  And so humans learned to fear the spoken language. 

The End

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