Enter Robby

Judd pulled his car into the only empty employee parking space outside the Word Control office.  It was a small building, recently converted by the local city council to a government building from its prior occupation as a pawn shop.  Judd could still see the faint remains of “Bob’s Pawn Shop:  Cash Only” written on the side of the shabby old building.  It looked as though it could use another coat of gray paint.  Judd looked bemused at the PUSH sign written in orange letters on the door.  I bet the idiot who installed those doesn’t know his left from his right Judd pulled the door open and walked inside.

            The outward appearance of a building can at times be deceiving, especially for government work.  There was a plethora of computer screens and blinking lights covering every surface.  It looked like the inside of a Toys R’ Us after a little kid hit the buttons on all the toys.  The unique sounds of the office revitalized Judd, even with its undertones of frenzied panic.  The first thing Judd did as he walked closed the door behind him was to look over to his right to see if Robby had arrived yet.

            “Judd! How’s it going old chap?”  Judd smiled, Robby never missed an opportunity to make fun of his English accent and origin.  He saw Robby wiggle his way out from behind his desk.  This was quite a feat as it looked like was trying to create the Tower of Pisa behind his desk with computer equipment.

            Robby was a tall man without an ounce of fat on bones. He didn’t have any muscle either; he was as thin as a stick.  His bright ginger hair was tied in a ponytail on the back of his head.  There was an air of confidence around him, the same aura that surrounds every good computer technician. 

The End

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