The Story Continues

Nothing causes as much uproar as the sneeze of a Magi during an incantation.  It is not the act of the sneeze itself but rather the involuntary act shutting his eyes.  The first thing an inspiring Magi learns is to never close his eyes, never to blink.  Magical schematics aside this caused Shadimar’s little trick to break from its bounds and infect everyone in the room. 

            Everyone thought it was a great big joke at first, but that didn’t last long.  Judd wondered where Shadimar had disappeared to.  He made an address in London stating that he would not rest until he figured out how to end the “Word Plague”.  That was six months ago and he had not been heard from since.  At this advanced point in time every country in the world was suffering from his historic sneeze.

            Judd was startled out of his thoughts when he saw the telltale rainbow trail of a spellbound word, known as a Word of Mass Distraction in the business, on the opposite side of the road next to a middle school.  It can wait until after I clock in.  The chance of it being a harmful WMD is slim to none.  He would swing around as long as something more destructive wasn’t reported.

            The initial outbreak of the Word Plague seemed harmless enough.  The small audience that had witnessed Magi Shadimar’s accident at first thought it was the most interesting and hilarious thing to happen to them in years.  Cute little words like LOVE and HAPPY would pop out of their mouths at random intervals.  One of the original infected commented that he was “fascinated by the floating words, words like LOVE would try to curl up on his shoulder until he grew bored and shoved it back into his mouth.”  It was soon discovered that contact with a WMD would cause the infection to spread. 

The End

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