Almost Doesn't Count

Floating words that reflect their meanings, in somewhat amusing fashion, are creating havoc in the world. Judd is tasked with helping to control the rampaging words.

            Do not speak unless you can improve the silence Judd laughed to himself as he thought back to his Linguistics teacher.  If everyone would heed this proverb then he would be out of a job. He continued to chuckle as he drove down the cobbled backstreet to the office.  His small truck rattled and shook with alarming frequency as it struggled with the uneven ground.  Guess I should have invested in 4 wheel drive, hah! If he had known he would be living in Joansberg, an old relic of a city in the middle of nowhere, he would have never accepted this job.  Saving the people from themselves one word at a time Judd thought without humor.  At least he couldn’t complain that his job was boring; that was one thing it was not.


            Judd is a Word Catcher.  It is a new line of work, but unfortunately a necessary one.  The Great Magi Shadimar had been putting on a demonstration in America.  He had an intense love for the country and its Bill of Rights.  One of Shadimar’s favorite “parlor tricks” was to personify words.  He could make words come to life and float around the room, acting out their intended meanings.  One of Shadimar’s favorites was EXCITED; it would float in front of Shadimar, quivering and bouncing in place until he could grab it and shove it back into his mouth.  Oh man did he sure eat his words Judd thought with small grin on his face.  Unfortunately during his demonstration on the First Amendment something went horribly wrong.  When giving a visual show of exactly how “free” words could be he sneezed.

The End

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