"Hold on. So what you're telling me, is that this guy... attacked you somehow without touching you?" asked Neil.

"Yep," confirmed Jack. Neil sat back in his chair and let out a sigh. He rocked back and forth, staring Jack down all the while. He fixed Jack with an absent, curious gaze. You could almost see the gears in his head grinding against each other. He focused on any possible explanation for the current conundrum. He could find nothing.

"I don't know what to tell you Jack..." his voice trailed off. Jack opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by the door slamming open.

"Jack!" Standing in the doorway was Erik LeBeau. He was holding a wet jacket.


Erik walked to the bedside, kneeling between the two friends and said, "Y'know that guy that knocked you down?"

"How do you know about that?!" asked Neil nervously.

"Not important. But anyway, I went back to the site. I found the guy's cloak. I guess he dropped it, so I thought you could use the extra help." he handed the cloak to Neil, and left the room in a hurry. Neil lay the cloak out flat on the table, and something peaked out. It was the corner of a paper. Jack saw it, and immediately pulled it away. It was soaked.

"I think it was raining outside," Jack pointed out dumbly.

"Thanks Captain Obvious." Neil muttered. The paper was folded and torn. Obviously the page from a book. Jack unfolded it to find the page specked with messy handwriting. The writing was smudged black, but the title was clear.

"Vagabondo," whispered Jack. "The Wanderers."

But what he found next was even wierder. It was a leather bound book. The golden letters on the front could still be seen. They were etched and withered away from old age.

"Percipio Ab orum Veneficus {dimidius oris difixus}," Jack said. "What does that mean?"

Neil hesitated. "It means 'The Rules of the Sorcerer... half spellbook. And the Wanderers..." Neil gulped to press down the lump of fear in his throat. He took a deep breath at an attempt to clear his stomach of the queasiness he felt.

"What? Spit it out!"

"They were a secret society of so-called sorcerers. An ancient conspiracy! Out to take their revenge out on... on..." he swallowed nothingness. "On all of Italy. Mostly the Luminoso Anima."

"The Bright Souls?"

Neil nodded. "They were the ones who'd vanquished the Wanderers and then created the Rules of the Sorcerer! One of them was Areius Hawk... your uncle. You're father was one as well, until he died. And now... they might come for you too Jack."

The End

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