Words of Magic

"You've broken the Percipio Ab orum Veneficus! The Rules of the Sorcerer! You have demonstrated works of power intended to kill an innocent man!" exclaimed Areius.

"Technically, I have not broken the Rules. I did not attempt to harm an innocent man, but a dangerous baby. Although I did demonstrate my might by words of power, I did not aim at the human. My... attack was indirect. Therefore, I am not bound to your will and, legally, if you cannot or shall not charge me, you do not have the right to hold me! Thank you, Areius. But now, I must take my leave." said Terus venomously. He knew he was right. He could at any time leave. So he turned around, snapped his fingers, and in a puff of dark smoke and screeching echoes, he was gone.

"Damn!" yelled Areius. "Curse you Terus!" He slammed his hands upon his desk. "WHY!"

He then had an idea. Picking up a quarter, Areius spoke a simple three word charm, and flicked the coin into the air. When it hit the floor, he whispered, "Cendere!"

The coin grew bright. Suddenly, it burst into flames. Areius blew violently on the coin until they dissapeared. He removed the coin from the ground. there was a small scorch mark. He picked up a bottle of oregano and sprinkled it into the shape of a rhombus, surrounding the scorch mark. Then, he placed a small paper on the scorch mark. It read: Terus. Then, standing outside a large circle he'd drawn from chalk in the rhombus he chanted. "Abi nunc etiamnum abacus catenatus genius Terus!"

Far off, Terus was jumping from tree to tree. "Ha! I showed him up!" A smirk ran from ear to ear on his shady face. Out of nowhere, a darkness envelopped him. Bright lights flashed before his eyes, flames burned all around him on torches and swirls spun around him. Chains shimmered and appeared on his wrists. Words whispered in his ears, "Hello... Genie!"

The End

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