Park Bench 2

As Jim the old coot stumbles off Jerry Jeremy walks in the opposite direction towards a very angry Basil

Jerry: (Calling out loudly) Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Warm yummy hotdogs. Only £14.20...How about you sir. Would you like a hotdog?

Basil: (Furiously) How dare you! I am strictly Vegan. How can you roast innocent piglets

Jerry: (Confused) Innocent? Not at all. One of the little buggers bit me. (Seeing Basil's face) Ah...No-one wants to buy hotdogs anymore

Basil: (Enthuasiastically as Jerry sits down) Hallelujah! People are finally thinking Green!

Jerry: Green? Like Aliens!

Basil: Yeah-what? What did you say? Aliens? I meant like recycling, vegan...

Jerry: (Rudely interrupting) My girlfriend, you see, was abducted by aliens

Basil: (Sarcastically) Of course she was

Jerry: When I woke up today she had left a note saying she was leaving me for a far away place...whatever other explanation could there be

Basil: Well, she could have...wait, what's that noise

Jerry: It sounds like lumberjacks cutting down trees

Basil: (Horrified) Noooooooo! I must have the trees

As Basil runs off to save the trees an elderly couple approaches the bench. Bickering as they go

The End

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