Park Bench 1

The teenager gets up leaving old pensioner, Jim to sit alone eating his crisps. To pass the time he feeds the birds. This catches the attention of Basil, the nosy enviromentalists

Basil: (Sitting down next to Jim) Cheese and Onion crisps are very bad for these birds digestive system and are damaging the environment

Jim: (Grunts in an annoyed tone)

Basil: Do not ignore me you silly old coot. You are a threat to these pigeons well being

Jim: (Angrily) Listen ponytail. I fought in the war you wipper snapper! No Damn Hippie is going to tell me what to do

Basil: Be that as it may sir, you are disrupting the birds natural feeding patterns

Jim: I've been coming here these last 22 years and I ain't never met your like. These birds enjoy my crisps

Basil: Please sir be reasonable! New research shows common birds fed certain crisps have a 17% of some way being detromentally affected

Jim: (Scrumpling up packet angrily) I've had enough of this tosh! I'm going home!

Basil: (Calling to a leaving Jim) Sir, I find your conterence most disagreeable. If I ever catch you feeding these pigeons or any other aviatory creatures there will be serious consequences...Do you hear me. Serious consequences

The End

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