Top of the mornin' to you

It was a typical life your a typical lad
Like Pippin Murphy Ireland III

He was a leprecaun like no other
Not a violent gold-collector but a nerd
Yes Pippin was a humble, nerdy
Stamp-collecting, Librarian from Coddogan
He prefered his books to a bat and ball
and was afraid of a friendly tobaggan.
But then one day came a difference
He was watching Wimbledon which gave him great joy
He got a knock on the door then a great shock
when he realised it was the vicar, Boris St. Roy
The rainbow god was again happy
and showered thier village with his joyous tears
But after the tears faded away
what was revealed was thier worst fears.
The rainbow god was not showing
his glorious multi-coloured face
Leaving nothing short of doom and gloom
for this vicious knee-high tall race

As pippin was the smartest of the Leprechauns
And often watched Stephan Fry

All the townsfolk came to him
To ask why god did not show his face in the sky.
He thought this through very logically
But never stopped believing it was truly god.
It was a very tricky question
but nothing for this little swot.
He went to the deserted marketplace
and went 2 see the Goldsmith Mr. Todd
He bought a golden pot and 24 karats
Then went to the hills in order to please god.
The pot of gold was sprinkled with clovers
horse shoes, rabbits feet and holy water
then a rainbow-shaped relic was placed on the gold
by the vicar and his boffony daughter.
The townspeople held thier breaths
and soon a lot felt let down
but Pippin told them to wait for tears
in a week in the sky was a multi-coloured frown.
It was a joyous day in Pippin's village
As gods face once again lit up
And too make the day that little more special
Pippin's favourite Venus Williams had won the cup.
Thats how the fable of a pot of gold
got to end of a rainbow
and in that village in little, old Ireland
Pippin was no longer the town lame-o


The End

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