The blindfold of freedom

The blindfold dug deeper, pushing my other senses out into the world. I could feel and hear her approaching. Her hard high heels crashing down harder and harder with every step she took. It was getting louder...any minute now. I outstretch my hand when I feel the time is right and immedietely a mighty force pushes down.

My mind knows something will fall onto it and so prepares by giving me this feeling, this feeling of my hand being buried under something powerful and heavy. I burst inside as I can bear it no longer. But only internally. My face shows no emotion, nothing new there. I can hear the dropping of objects, the sighs of relief, the tears of joy. Why haven't I recieved my prize yet? Why must I endure this horrible torture that is father time.

I gasp to myself. I rub my thumb over my palm, but something is in the way. I have got my prize. I have got what I came for. Yet, I feel incomplete and empty. I was expected the prize to unleash what I truly holds for me. For the power to unleash upon my hand, but nevertheless...nothing. The prize just casually slipped through its owners fingers and into the clammy clutchers of the new owner. I waited for so long, resisted tempation to rip of the blindfold just for my pride and joy to barely touch me.

The women evil yet awfully soothing voice snaps me out of my trance

"You are free to go" I feel the object for the first time. Plastic with a thin metal attachments. An inprinted logo with lots of triangular shapes. Could it be...

"You may leave in the vehicle and live your life free from your past...slave!"


The End

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