An excerpt from a novel I was writing at the time

Chasing after the nun I ran across fields of fine sweet grass and large delaying rocks. The nuns black cloak whipped at her golden white ankles, begging her to stop. But she would not, not with me in pursuit.

With surprising strength and agility, she pushed herself off the ground and glided over the fence into the next field where the potatoes were grown. I tried catching her but my tiny leprechaun legs failed me at the most crucial of moments. By the time I had scrambled on top of the fence, she was edging closer and closer to the river. I scurried along, falling face first into the dirt. Filthy waistcoat behind me, I set off again digging my yellowing claws into the ground for grip thus kicking out baby potatoes from the comfort of the soil and into the eye of preying harpies.

I was quicker than the nun and was just a stone's throw away when I felt an almighty force collide with my gut. I clutched my stomach and tried to move on, but my legs would not move.

"You've got some explainin' to do" growled a man's voice. Not a man, a gnome. Farmer Humphry to be exact. I tried moving, escaping but the gnomes spell was to strong. Gnomes rarely use magic only to protect themselves...or their crops. Humphry began lecturing me on something, my mind was elsewhere. The nun. I had seen something on her. I stared over at the river as the nun showed her beautiful features to my bearded face for the first time.

My jaw dropped as she removed her clothes and dived into the river, she erupted back up in a display of waterworks before soaring the skies with her golden wings. She was no nun, she was an angel.

The End

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