Words a British school-leaver ought to know.

 May the abstemious algorithm burlesque like bytes.

The cholesterol chromosome churlishly circumlocates and circumnavigates to coerce the cognitive cyberspace@

The deciduous demographics - diaphanous & diffident - encephalitically enfranchise the equinox euro$£

Expedite and expurgate the facetious and fatuous fen-filament of the gamete's gauche gyrations{}

Haemoglobin hegemony!

The homogeneous hypotenuse is incognito [incontrovertibly]

Infrastructure: interpolate for irony and jeopardise the kinetic knell.

A laissez-faire lexicon (loquacious lugubrious and metamorphic)

Minuscule mitosis muezzins nanotech neurosis into nihilism~

Nomenclature obsequious?
Oligarchy omnipotent%

Orthography oxidises parabolic paradigm parameters#

Pecuniary photosynthesis plagiarises plasma polymers precipitously^^

Quasar-quotent ramifications recapitulate reciprocal reparations=

Respire in the sarcophagus and soliloquise on the subjugated suffragette|

"Supercilious tautology"

Taxonomise the tectonic tempestuous thermodynamics, unctuous and usurping the vacuous vehement vortices of the whet+wreaking xenophobes\\\///\\///


The End

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