They mean nothing, but everything.
They hang s
                                      ed in someones thoughts forever; stuck.


You try to take it back
try to make it right
but they come back.

Exposing your every fear and weakness.
You can't take back what you used to be..can't make it right.  Such is the result of stupidity.

So stupid

So stupid how you could have made it right with     2   simple    words:

I lied.

But pride gets in the way
and you blindly justify your hollow     petty


They listen at first, then turn a blind eye
as you cry wolf over and over again.
Then listening stops all together to your dishonest, bold faced:


Time goes by
You have changed,

You try to let them know- Try to scream out in vain:

"I'm sorry, so sorry.

I've changed,

please let me make it right! Let me make it right....Just one more chance, one more chance to--"

You stop─

take a look around...

and realization hits.

They've all gone, and your left to stand alone. To wallow in your past. You speak out once more, hoping one will hear. Hoping one will see.

But you see, they can't.
They've long lost faith in your deceiptful ways, your horrible act, and embittered hate.

Your pleas get louder-
But the boat's gone. Gone far away.

Much too late.
You see.

You waited too long to say what you needed.
To change yourself.
To speak all that they just wanted in the first place.
The one thing that would have made it right.
They wanted nothing more than



The End

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