2 Random Questions that have nothing to do with anything in particular.

1. God has decided to send you on a trip, where are you going and why?

I wouldn't know the answer to this question because I'm not God.  I can only hope that he will send me somewhere I can survive.  If I went to a Western-European country, I think I would fair rather well.  I know some French/Spanish, but my primary language is Italian(o).  Something tells me, however, that God likes to set up challenges to be conquered....so I likely end up in the Amazon.  I would die within a week--I don't think God would be so cruel.  (This is not to say that I would die because God wanted me to.  I would die because I would give-up and lie on the ground until I was eaten by a ferocious animal.).

2. You have to travel from the west coast to the east coast of your country, what 4 cities would you want to spend time in?

Let me start out by stating that i have no interest whatsoever to go to California.  Cali isn't worth it anymore.  The only positive things they have going for them is Disneyland, Hollywood, and some family members (then again who doesn't have family in Cali?).

I'm sorry in advance if I seem a bit of a locationist.  I prefer the west to the east...srry new York, you're not on my list.

  So... I begin with Seattle.  Seattlle is great literary/cultural/religious (or more religious freedom) city.  They have some of the most amazing colleges in the state.

Sedona Arizona.   Red Rock Country has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world!  Many cultures and agendas abound, but there's really only one attraction: the sheer, exuberant beauty of the place. 

JacksonHole.  Wyoming is such a fun place, but Jackson Hole is all the better.  There is all the fun of the Old West, with the adventure of nature, meets the scary ghost towns.  Fun, fun!

 Denver/Boulder. There is nothing like Denver!  My home city beckons and my heart shall comply!!  I love Colorado!  Not many people like Boulder, but I myself see it as a wonderful place!  So many health concious people! 

The End

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