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Mouse squeaked  as  Luna grasped his tail tightly.  They’d  found  a  short cut,  but crawling through  undergrowth  was slow and painful. At  last  they  came  out  onto  the  track. Luna  winced  as  she  stood  up and  pulled  a  leaf  from  her  delicate  wings. Mouse waited as she jumped  onto his  back, they were  back  on  the  track  again!  

At  the  finishing line  Owl’s  huge  round  eyes  stared  into  the distance.  Where  ever  were  the  runners  and riders?  

The bushes  rustled  and Owl hooted, ‘Oh  look  its  Mouse  and Luna!’  and laughed   so  much  he  fell  off  the log  he was  perched  upon.  He  stood  up  and  shook  his  feathers as  Mouse  scampered   over  the  finishing line.  Luna wrapped her  arms  round Mouse and hugged  him  with  glee.     

Badger  arrived  a  few yards   behind  them  with  Rosi.  He collapsed  in  a heap on the floor,  he was  exhausted!   Owl  presented  Luna,  with  a  red  rosette  made  of  flower petals.  The animals  cheered and  danced  in  a  circle  around  the  winners.

Owl  gazed  up  into  the  dark sky, he was worried  about the  other contestants. Where were they?  He cocked  his  head  on  one  side  as  he  heard  someone whistling  above the wind in  the trees.    

Fox and  Squirrel sauntered  into  the  clearing  carrying  a  log  between  them.  Rabbit,  sat  astride  with  his back  leg  wrapped  in  a  large  dock leaf.  Zeke  and  Mindi,   hovered  above  them  tiny  wings  vibrating.

‘We had to rescue Rabbit,’ said  Fox,  looking  pleased  with  himself. Vole appeared out of  the  gloom  walking  slowly,  hand  in  hand with Fira.  His  little  face  lit up  as the animals gathered  around  to  welcome them back.      

Owl  hooted  to  get  everyone’s  attention.   ‘Now we  are  all  here  lets  eat!’ 

On a  tablecloth weaved  from  thin branches,  stood  bowls of  berries  and wild gooseberries  covered  in  honey. Queen  bee  had  brewed  a   delicious  nectar  drink  for  the forest animals.   

Owl  stood  over  a  small camp  fire  roasting  chestnuts  on the end of  a stick.  Smoke  spiralled  into the night  air as the animals feasted on the delicious food.  Glow worms provided light, as  they clung  to tree  branches  above  the  forest clearing.  

Owl  raised  his wing and said   ‘Congratulations Mouse and  Luna!’

Mouse whispered in Luna’s ear. ‘Don’t tell them about our short cut will you?’

Luna  shook  her head,  fruit  juice  dripping  down  her  chin.  ‘No, she giggled, that will be  our secret!’

Much  later   as  dawn  began  to  creep  over  the  horizon,  the  fairies  and  animals vanished. They slept  deep  in  the  forest,  exhausted  after  an  exciting  night  at  the  races.   Owl  retired   to  his  tree   to  plan  the  next  event  in  Wooky forest. 

The End

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