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Wooky races is about to start deep in Wooky Forest. All the creatures gather together beneath the light of a silvery moon.
The creatures enter the race in pairs, one astride the other. Mouse being the smallest competitior has to overcome obstacles along the way, much bigger than himself.
Owl stands at the starting line, lifts his wing and the creatures race off beneath the tree canopy.
Bees and Bats watch from their perches above the forest as the race is in full swing!

Moonlight filtered through the trees in Wooky forest.  Glow worms  clung  on  branches  to  mark  the route for the race,  shining like tiny stars.  In  a  clearing  Owl perched in  his  tree  to  gaze up  at the moon. It would soon be time to start the race.   

            Deep underground  fairies of  the forest began to stir.  Mindi,  Zeke,  Fira,  Luna and Rosi  left  their   grotto and  ran  along  a  tunnel  leading  out  into  the  woods.

            Owl welcomed the  tiny creatures  and  announced  ‘runners and riders are as follows:-  Rosi  and  Badger,  Mindi and  Rabbit, Zeke  and  Fox,  Fira  and  Vole  and finally  Luna  and  Mouse!’

Magpie  flew  overhead  and  cackled,  ‘Mouse is  much  too  small to win a race!’ Moonlight  glinted on  his  dark  blue wings.  

Owl  hooted  angrily ‘wait  and  see Magpie,’ and   flew  onto  a  log  which  was   the  starting line  for  the  race.

The five  animals  each  with  a  tiny fairy  aboard , waited  eagerly  for Owl to give the signal.

The woodland animals looked  on  as  Owl  raised  his  wing  and  hooted, ‘Wooky races  has  begun!’  

Rosi  on  Badger,  took the  lead,  her  tiny wings  folded against  her  body.  Zuna on Fox  followed  a  few  paces behind,  as  the  animals vanished  amongst  the  trees.  Bats and  bumble  bees  perched  on  branches  along  the  tracks  to  watch  the  race.      

Vole  tripped  over  a  branch  and  Fira  fell off  with a  plop  into  a  pile of leaves.  Vole rubbed his bottom with his paws and climbed to his feet   Now they were far behind the other animals in the race.  Fira  jumped  onto  his  back and Vole  set off  again,  rather slowly after his fall.    

The End

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