Ok, basically a female version of Lord of the Rings.
Joanne is just trying to live an ordinary life. When things just start to get amazing, ie she has the perfect boy, a queen of the prom title, and the best bunch of friends anyone could wish for, she starts to have strange dreams and finds out shes adopted. Who is the strange girl in her dreams, and who are her real parents? These are just two of a bizilion questions Joanne begins to ask herself as she finds herself transported to another wor

As she fell, the little girl screamed. She could see the pavement rushing towards her. Her shadow, projected across the cold damp paving slabs by the lamppost above her, grew larger. She tried to turn in mid-air so that she wouldn’t crash head first into the pavement. It worked! She could see the dark hole which she had fallen out of, above her. It seemed to go on for ever. It was an endless maze of passageways ending with gateways opening up to other enchanting places. But only one gateway had sucked her in. She looked up into the hole, hoping that it would send her back. But as she looked closer she saw that it was slowly closing up. “NO” she screamed closing her eyes and trying to wake up. ‘This must be a dream, it must be.’ But as she opened her eyes her hair was still blowing around her face and the wind was whistling past her ears. The hole was so small that it was barely visible in the night sky. Finally it closed. It was the last thing the girl saw before blackness.

The End

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