...a girl

He covered that ground in three strides but had no time to stop before he ran headlong into a girl. They both tumbled in a heap into the soft, cool ground just outside the door. Gray ended up on his back with his arms splayed, looking up at the trees above. The girl, for her part, was in motion before her body even came to rest, and popped to her feet just as her mouth engaged in a loud string of epithets which would make a pirate blush. Gray struggled to his feet, but she was on him before he could reach full height, bringing with her a barrage of vicious blows and curses.

Normally he would apologize profusely for such an egregious lack of decorum, but circumstances dictated he disengage from the girl's fury and run for his everloving life, lest his dual pursuers burst from the door and snatch him. There were no nearby structures, though it did seem to be an inhabited part of the woods, perhaps a tiny village of some kind. He took no time to evaluate his surroundings however, he just put one foot in front of the other as fast as they could carry him. He ran until his chest burned with every breath. He did not stop, dared not, and soon the trees engulfed him and he disappeared into the woods.

The End

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