Adrian loved his life more than anything until a car accident took everything a way from him. Forced to live with his aunt in a town filled with rich kids he has struugle through his senior year.

I am freaking out! I woke up late and I don't know what to wear! I swear I'm going to die before I even make it to school.

"RiRi 30 minutes!!!," my Aunt Hazel yells. GOD! I hate that nickname. How did she get RiRi out of Adrian.

I go through my closet and get the first things that I see. I pull on my black skinnies, a gloomy bear shirt and my neon blue converse. I ran down the stairs and kissed my aunt the cheek while grabbing my bookbag from her.

"I'll see you after school dear," she yelled after me as I started my walk to school.

I'm so scared, I haven't started a new school since pre-k. In my old town everyone already knew eachother so the transitions from grade to grade were no problem. The last issue I had starting a new school was who to nap next to.This year is going to be the worst or best of my life depending on the choices I make. My best choice would just be to skate by and keep to myself. Little did I know that a certain special person was not going to let that happen.

When I reached the school yard it looked like the whole schools population was outside in the parking lot. I took out the paper I got in the mail a couple of weeks before and looked for my homeroom. I should have been paying attention to where I was going because the next thing I knew I was sprawled out on the floor with the contents of my bookbag flying around me.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going.," I quickly explained to my unfortunate victim.

"It's fine," I heard a deep voice reply. A shiver went down my spine. a looked up only to meet forest green eyes. He picked up the rest of my parers and handed them to me.

"Hi I'm John," he said and stuck out his hand. I put my much smaller hand in his and introduced myself.

"Hi I'm Adrian," I said as I smiled up at him.

"Hey who's this?," someone called from behing the god-like figure in front of me.as the footsteps came closer it wasn't just one person in the crew. There was a whole mob behind him now. I quickly stuffed my things in my bag and hurried off slightly tripping on the way.

"What a dork," a male voice said.

When I got in the school building the warning bell rung and I quicky rushed to my homeroom. When I got to the room the only seat that was open was next to guess who? John the hot parking lot god.  I went to the desk and sat down. He grinned at me and pulled the desk closer to him.

"Hello again, sunshine," he whispered in my ear. My face  had already began to flare up.

"Hi," I managed to squeak out unnerved by his closeness. this is certainly going to be an intresting year.

The End

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