I'm Sorry Cameron


Ok I can do this


I took a deep breath


I was walking closer and closer to the park where I'm supposed to meet Cameron.


The closer I got the more nervous I became.


But when I saw him up close....


I ran the other way.




Damn I almost made it.


"Hey Cameron" I smiled


"Why were you running away?"


"Oh I thought I just go for a quick jog before I met up with you" I lied


"Ok" He said, obviously not believing a word I said; "Let's go sit down"


He held my hand and led me toward the park's benches.


"So what did you want to talk about?"



Where do I start?


I want to break up with you.


But then he is going to ask why.


It's just not working out.


But then he's going to want a chance at working it out.


I'm just not interested in you anymore.


Why am I even bothering? I don't think I'm a good liar anyway.


But I can't tell him I ha ve to break up with him, I don't want him hurt in case Idon't survive. Besides I'm moving to the next town, where I can get better treatment, he will never even know.


"I want to break up" I whispered




"I-I just can't do this anymore Cam, I don't want to be with you" I lied, still not making eye contact with him


"You're lying" He muttered


"I'm not"


He put his palm on my chin and forced me to meet his gaze.


"Then look me in the eye and tell me the truth"


I can do this...


"I love someone else"


To his shock, he tore his hand away from me and looked away.


I knew he was hurt, but this is the only way from giving him even more pain.

With that said, I turned on my heel and ran away.


I'm so sorry Cameron...


This is a little bit about how Wendy looks like : http://media.photobucket.com/image/red%20head%20girl/rawr1412/hott.jpg?o=3

The End

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