Wonderland: NineMature

A very wise man once wrote that ‘Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.’


But, what that man didn’t seem to know, is that sometimes the good things win. Sometimes there is just enough light to penetrate the darkness, to pierce it through and make it bleed. Sometimes you choose the bad, and sometimes it chooses you. But one thing is certain- you can always change.



When I awoke, I was almost unsurprised to find myself somewhere different entirely. This room I did not recognize, all dressed up in golden wallpaper and white canopies. I sat up upon the great bed, rubbing the last traces of sleep from my eyes. Across the room there was a glass door leading to a balcony. I went to it, opening the door and stepping out onto it.


The air was warm, engulfing me in its rays. I stared out at the horizon, where the pinkish sun was resting lazily, struggling to stay up.


“Well. You made it.”


I spun around in a blur of motion, heart skipping a beat. Only I wasn’t surprised. I was almost… expectant.


Alice offered a smile to me, one I returned immediately. She was wearing a loose-fitting white dress that fell to about her knees, her hair pulled back into a single braid. Her face was glowing in the setting sun.


“Alice.” Her name fell from my lips softly, and at that moment I knew that everything had finally been set right. I reached out to take her hand, pulling her towards me. She rested her head against my chest. “I love you,” I told her.


“I love you too, Jasper Hale.”


She stayed there, in my arms, and together we watched the sun go down. And we both knew that when it came up again, we would still be together, here in out very own Wonderland.


[the end]

The End

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