Wonderland: SevenMature

Call me crazy- most people did- but for some reason I’d imagined that escape would be much more difficult. Generally these things weren’t so easy as walking through a dark, damp, underground tunnel and coming out into some sort of dreary underground subway-like thing. It did get me wondering how long I’d been walking, though, because I’d been pretty sure I’d been in the middle of nowhere, and this place had a strangely city-like feel to it.


Letting out a groan mixed with exhaustion and frustration, I backed against a wall and slid down into a sitting position. My head was spinning dizziness and swirling colors. I had a feeling Edward had managed to inject me with something before I’d woken up. I tried not to dwell on that thought too much, closing my eyes. It only made it worse.


“Well. You managed to get out.”


My eyes snapping open, I looked up to see none other than Alice standing above me. She had traded in the innocent-looking white dress for some dark jeans and a black tank top, covered with a long black trench coat. I’d been so fascinated with her outfit and the fearsome gleam in her golden eyes that I hadn’t even noticed she’d been extending an identical coat to me.


I took it, pushing myself to my feet and pulling it over my bare arms. I didn’t dare glance down to see the condition of my own clothes. “I think you have some serious explaining to do,” I told her.


Alice furrowed her brows ever so slightly, and for a moment she only stared at me, seeming to memorize my face with her gaze. Or perhaps she was searching for something. Whatever it was, I doubted she would find it in me. Then she reached out ever so tentatively and took my hand in her own.


“I’ve been waiting a long time to see you again, Jasper,” She murmured softly.


This time it was me who was frowning. “What do you mean?” I demanded, struggling to keep my tone gentle. “I don’t know you.”


Alice gave my hand a tiny squeeze. “You really don’t remember me.” It wasn’t a question. I hated the sound of her voice, so shattered, like I’d just ripped her heart out and now she had no form of life support to keep her going. “What did they do to you?” Before I could open my mouth to reply, she was full out bawling, tears streaming down her pallid face, hitting the dusty concrete. And then she was collapsing against my chest and I was holding her up and whispering words even I didn’t believe. And she was pounding her fists against my chest and screaming pain and agony and I couldn’t do a damn thing to save her.


“Alice,” I breathed against the thick tresses of black hair. “Come on, don’t cry. It’s alright.”


She lifted her head to meet my eyes, holding them for several minutes. My lips parted just so. Then we were crashing against each other in a wave of spontaneous emotion, her mouth finding my own and kissing it fiercely. I pulled her closer in surprise, fisting my hands in her hair. Her tongue traced my bottom lip and then entered my mouth, brushing against my own. She moaned softly, pushing back until I was against the wall. For a moment, nothing else mattered, nothing else existed except me and this broken girl I so longed to complete.


I did not know what perils the morning would hold. I didn’t understand much of anything, to be honest. But I knew that Alice would play a vital role in my quest to solve the mystery of my life. Maybe she had been the missing link all along. Ad whatever twists of fate had brought her to me now, I would not let them tear her away again. I would not lose her now.

The End

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