as she drifted in wonder and thought

Its about the human nature to wonder off in thoughts and all sorts

wonder if Alice was in wonderland or lost in thought, as her mind sailed to wonder land,, Or maybe she wasn't out going it was her first day out, and ended up in a foreign land. wondering why she's lost, But its not the price that matters its the cost, How much time are u will to spend wondering, Or you not the type to pay attention cause you can't afford it, I wonder ? When we arrive at the counter and find out the tickets are sold out, And officially we can't be on that love boat cause its docked out,  Then the news came and heard it sunk If that was a test to see how deep there love was then the result was a flunk. Then now we try to find our match, Not noticing that our paths had crossed. my mind was in a confusion of thought as I retire to the box inside my head cause outside that box is wonderland.

The End

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