This story is about a sixteen year old girl named Wendy that has a disease called Ewing's sarcoma, a type of cancer that affects the bones. She has to deal with this disease at a very young age and is forced to give up things, including her childhood. But Wendy doesn't like to take the disease seriously, she likes to go play football with her friends and eat junk food. With the help of her loved ones is she able to beat the cancer?

My parents knew something was wrong with me. That's mostly the reason why we are here in the first place. I don't like hopitals, never did never will. Ever since I fell of the monkey bars when I was ten and broke my arm.

"This is for your own good Wendy" My dad murmmured

My dad thought something was up when started having no appetite what's so ever, and in his book that's not right. Then I became very fatigue during the mornings and high fever. But what really caught his attention was when he saw a small bump on my leg.

The doctor had me lie down in this very uncomtrable bed with a white cover and did an x-ray examination my leg where it was red and swollen.

"I will be back in just a moment" The doc said

My parents sat a cross the bed with a hallow look on their face.

"C'mon guys don't look so down, if I really do have some disease at least this will get me out of the house like you guys wanted" I joked

"Wendy, that's not funny" My mother sobbed

What seemed like a million years the doc came back with some wabbly back papers and placed them on the screen.

The Doctor nodded "She has a tumor"

My mother made a horrifying cry and leaned on my dad.

"Don't cry mom" I whispered

"There is a possibility that this can be cured, it's still small so we can get it out before it grows" The Doctor assured

"When will she start chemo?" My dad asked

"As soon as possible it would be best if Wendy can come back tommorow for a few more check ups"

With that said the doctor left to give us some privacy.

My mother's swollen eyes opened.

"Mom, you heard the doc, everything is going to be ok"

She didn't look assured.

As we left I had a feeling that this will probably not be ok.

Now there is only one left to do.

How am I going to break it down to my boyfriend Cameron? 

The End

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