Time For The Escape Plan

As Sam felt his way around in the cold, dark, depressing, abandoned pit.

He started to picture what the place would look like in the light.

The chains tried to drag him back down but his will power and determination was too strong for the chains to handle. The more restraint he had the more the solid silver chains felt like paper disintergrating from his body.

Sam felt more determined then he ever had in his entire life at the age of only 30 years old he shouldn't be so defeated but everyday felt like tourture and that God slapped his cold,dark, unlucky hand across his innocent young face. 

But being locked up inside a bottomless pit did make him see life in a whole new perspective and he was for the first time in his entire life grateful for being and feeling alive.

As Sam thought his luck couldn't get any better he heard the sound of something several feet above him. It sounded like something or someone was trying with all their might to move something. 

He realized after only a few minutes that it was a women huffing and puffing every minute while she tried to move the heavy object above. 

Sam was really excited but also really frightened as he never really had any luck with women in the life he lived so far.

Was that the reason why he has been so miserable for 30 years? 

Sam felt terrible for being trapped and he wanted nothing more but to help the women to move the heavy object. The impulse was something he never felt before it wasn't like  he wasn't kind to people especially women, it was just he never got the chance to help a women without it ending up in a really awkward situation. 

Several minutes later which felt more like several hours later a strong, eye catching, irresistible beam of light shined down to fill the pit with it's rays of hope. 

It took a while for Sam's vision to focus on his surroundings as for a few minutes all he could see were small black dots occupying his vision and concentration. 

Once his vision finally restored back to normal he could see that what he thought was a bottomless pit was in fact an underground cell. The thought of being left alone underground in a prison cell made a cold, icy frost shiver spiral down his spin and give him goose bumps that no matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop himself from shivering. 

After a quick glance at his surroundings his gaze worked it's way up towards the top of the underground prison cell where is rescuer and freedom both awaited for him. 

The End

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