Where am I?

This is a short story about a man wondering where he is and how he is going to get out of the situation he finds himself in. The man must escape and find out what happened in his past that lead up to this situation.


Was all that conusmed the man and all that he could see with his confused eyes.

Questions filled his subconscious mind where am I? 

How did I get here? 

As the man tried to stand up he suddenly collapsed back down to the floor in confusion and fear. 

He soon discovered that his right ankle was restraint with a chain attached to something in the never ending darknesss. 

The man thought he better try to investigate his mysterious and unfamilair surroundings.

However he knew deep in his heart and his very soul that if he wondered too far into the dark he would be swolled up whole and he would never be seen or heard of again.

The man knew that his only chance of getting out of this prison was if he could see instead of being left all alone in the devil's icy, twisted, soul crushing darkness.

The man thought to himself I need to find out what I can remember my name is Sam Shorthorn.

Sam Shorthorn said to himself with pure excitement and as if anything was possible.

" Aw ha I remember my name well it's not much to go on but at least it is a start, if only I can find out where I am and how to get out of here then I am set"

Sam Shorthorn tried to slowly and  with great ease as if he was picking up a newly born baby lifted himself from the ground.

The cold lonely solid floor made Sam's hands become numb as he used it for support to lift himself from the ground. 





The End

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