Wonder Woman page 2

Marie turned and found herself face to face with two men.  The first was a large black haired man with a confused look on his face.  He was also wearing an outfit strikingly similar to Superman’s, except the S was backwards.  The other man was bald and wore a very expensive looking three-piece suit.  This man she knew as Lex Luthor.
“Not this time...” She could here her voice shake as she spoke, “Someone has to stand up to you, Luthor.”
Luthor smiled.  “How cute...But pointless.  All I have to do is say one word and my friend here will kill you and everyone else here,” Luthor straightened the cuffs of his shirt as talked, the smile never waning, “Are you prepared to make that call?”
“Yes.”  Marie surprised herself.  She answered without hesitation.  She was staring evil in the eye and was defying him.  “I’m tired of being bullied...not at home, at work, and certainly not by a psycho in a cheap suit.”
“Very well,” Luthor raised his right hand, “Bizarro...time to play.”Bizarro went straight for Marie, grabbing her by the shoulders.  The Superman wannabe was incredibly strong.  Marie could feel her right arm crack as he grabbed her.  She cried out in pain but never struggled.  She was making a point, even if it meant that she would die.  
"Girl like Bizarro?" Bizarro held her close to his face and smiled a disturbingly crooked smile.
"No," Marie said through gritted teeth, "Girl does not like Bizarro."  She lashed out at the behemoth, scratching his face.  The attack didn't seem to affect him but he still yelled and threw Marie to the ground.
"Yes!  Good, good girl.  That was nice."
Luthor let out a heavy sigh and pushed Bizarro out of the way."I'll do this myself.  Bizarro...go get your toy."  He pointed towards the crowd on the sidewalk but Wonder Woman was not there.  
A hand picked up Luthor by the collar from behind and lifted him a few feet into the air.  Marie watched her hero holding the tyrant.  She cradled her broken arm and stood, a smile now on her face.
"Wonder Woman," Luthor said, "Nice of you to rejoin the fight."
"You will not harm these people anymore, Luthor.  You or your...pet."
Bizarro began to approach Wonder Woman.  "Bizarro hate strong girl...want to kill strong girl."
"I'm sorry, Bizarro.  We can never be together. Not as long as Luthor here is your boss."
Bizarro's expression turned angry and Marie could see his fists balling up.  "Luthor is leader...why everybody say that?!"  Bizarro took a step towards Wonder Woman and let loose a hard punch to her face.  Wonder Woman dropped Luthor to catch herself, reeling from the blow.
"I was hoping you would do that."
Wiping the blood from her mouth, Wonder Woman let loose a barrage of punches to Bizarro's face.  The successive blows sent Bizarro stumbling back like a man who had one too many drinks.  After what looked like hundreds of hits, Bizarro finally fell onto his back.  Luthor, always one to seize an opportunity, turned away from the pummeling to make a getaway before the hero turned on him.  An angry Marie greeted him.  
“Out of my way little girl.”
Marie swung with her good arm and landed her fist into Luthor's nose.  The villain took a step back and covered his nose with both hands.  A grin emerged across Marie's face.
“Why you...” Luthor said.  He was cut off when a golden lasso fell around him and tightened.  Marie noticed a look of defeat take over Luthor.
"You're done, Luthor," Wonder Woman said, "You and Bizarro are headed back to Black Gate."
Wonder Woman sat Luthor next to a nearby light pole and tied her lasso around him and the pole.  She checked to make sure Bizarro was still out and turned her attention back to Marie.
"Are you alright?" she asked Marie.
"My arm is broken…but I'll be fine."
"Thank you for what you did.  It was very brave and I am in your debt."
"Well," Marie offered, "I am out of job at the moment."
"You're hired," came a voice from behind Marie, "We'll take you back.  It will be as if you never left."
Natalie, Tim, and the entire staff of the bookstore were there, all staring in disbelief at the two women in front of them.  Natalie had a pleading look on her face.
"I think your job situation just worked itself out." Wonder Woman said.  She smiled at Marie and turned back to the two villains.  
"Wait," Marie said, "Be careful out there."
Wonder Woman laughed.  "I think that's my line."  She gave Marie a wink. 
"So," Tim said, "What was it like to meet Wonder Woman?"
"Pretty amazing," Marie said, "Why don't you ride with me to the hospital and I'll tell you all about it?"
Wonder Woman picked up both villains and lifted off of the ground.  As she rose higher she turned to view the crowd.  She saw an ambulance arriving and Marie walking towards it, Tim right behind her.  She nodded in Marie's direction and took flight and disappeared into the cloudy sky.

The End

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