Wonder Woman: Bizarre Circumstances

A woman fed up with her job finds herself thrust into a confrontation between two super villains and Wonder Woman. Does she have what it takes to stand up for a fallen hero or will she be another victim?

“I quit!”  Marie Hunter screamed.  She let the stack of books she was carrying fall to the floor with a thud.  Her boss, Natalie, was marching towards her but Marie was already turning towards the door. Before her boss could say anything Marie shoved open the front doors and walked out.  She walked into the parking lot of Natalie's Books and went straight to her car.  Her lithe frame moved quickly across the asphalt, her flame red hair dancing on her shoulders as she walked.  She reached her car and stopped.  She let the sun beat down on her freckle covered face.  She took a deep breath.  It smelled like freedom.  She put her sunglasses on and dug out her car keys.  
A loud explosion startled her.  She felt the ground shake beneath her and several car windows shattered.  Marie looked around and saw a green flash ignite down the road just before another explosion, this one even closer, rocked her and the car.  She braced herself on the car until it was over. 
The car stopped shaking at the same time something came crashing down onto her windshield.  The crash caused her to jump back.  Her hand went to her mouth in shock as she realized what she was looking at.  Lying in a crease on top of the car was a woman.  This woman was dressed in black skintight pants with black knee-high boots.  Her armored halter-top showed off her ample cleavage and her jet-black hair was clumped around her small neck.  "Oh my god…" Marie whispered as she realized who the woman was.  She was looking at an unconscious Wonder Woman.  Marie's mind cycled through several things at once.  Another explosion rocked her back to the present.  A bonafide super hero was lying in front of her, unconscious, and bleeding.  She didn't know what could have done that to Wonder Woman but Marie decided that she wanted no part of it.  
She walked backwards to keep the fallen hero in her sights in case whatever did this came for her, but she still moved as fast as she could towards the bookstore.  A crowd was gathering outside the store as Marie made her way onto the sidewalk.  Several of her coworkers tried to ask her what happened and if she was all right but she didn't answer.  Her mind was tuning out everything that wasn't Wonder Woman.  
Marie couldn't get it out of her head.  A hero, defender of their city for years, was hurt and possibly dying.  She realized that she wanted to help.  She didn't know where it came from but she wanted, no needed, to try.
"I have to do something," she whispered. 
"What was that?" asked her former boss.
"We have to do something," Marie said more confidently,  "Wonder Woman, and all of the Justice League, have protected us for years without ever wanting credit or praise.  I think it's time we helped back."
"Are you insane?" said a blond woman, "Whatever did this put Wonder Woman through a friggin car!"
"Yeah," added Natalie, "What can we possibly do to help?"
"We can hide her," Marie said, "We can bring her inside where whatever this is can't see her...until she can get back on her feet."
The crowd looked at Marie as if she were talking gibberish.  Two larger men from the gym next door stepped forward.
"We'll help," the taller one said, "We can carry her back here."
"Alright," Marie straightened up and walked back into the parking lot, "Let's save Wonder Woman."
The two men, Ryan and Tim, followed Marie out to the car where Wonder Woman still lay unconscious.  Marie stared at the hero for a moment then instructed the men to carefully pick her up and off of the car. 
"Be careful," Marie said, "We don't know how hurt she really is yet."
The men nodded and placed each of the hero's arms around one of their necks.  Wonder Woman began to stir, turning to look at Tim with groggy eyes. Marie saw a lot of pain in those eyes.
"Don't worry, ma'am," Tim said, "You're safe now...we got you."
Marie smiled at his comment and Wonder Woman dropped her head back down and her eyes closed.  The two men and Marie walked as fast as they could back to the sidewalk and the waiting crowd.  Marie didn't make it very far when she heard a loud thud behind her.  Scared, Marie yelled at Ryan and Tim to keep going. She turned to face whatever had landed behind her, determined to save her fallen hero.  
“Come now…let's not be too quick to die.”  A booming male voice teased her from behind. 

The End

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