Shut Up Lu!

Dear Diary

Lu went absolutley crackers on me today, when I revealed who the One now was. "For God's sake!" she ranted at me. "Don't you get it? None of these guys even know who you are."

I simply raised my eyebrows and shrugged. Shrugging was good. Very blase.

"I know his name, his age, where he lives and what colour he would paint his bedroom if he were a seventy year old surfboarder," I contridicted Lu.

"The wonders of Wikipedia," sighed Hannah dreamily.

Totally agree with Hannah. Thanks to Wikipedia, and Ok! magazine, I know everything there is to know about him. However, Lu wasn't finished with me just yet.

"Watch this," she had informed me. She strode off across the playground, and stopped at the nearest gaggle of girls. "Who's your crush at the moment?" She asked them in mock excitement.

"Oh my god, Taylor Lautner," one girl gushed immediatley. Her friends all nodded frantically. They were all clutching the latest issue of Sugar, which was feauturing a huge interview with him.

"Totally," they all squeaked at Lu.

"Proves nothing," I told Lu when she returned.

"Yes it does. Everyone fancies Taylor Lautner. And isn't he like, going out with Selena Gomez, or Taylor Swift or something?"

That did it. I am now officially not speaking to Lu for the rest of the day. Me and Hannah are now spread across my bed, searching for the latest gossip.

Hannah wants to write a biography of him, but I said I had the right to do that, because I was his true love. She agreed with me instantly.

God, I love him so much! My heart aches every time I look at my Twilight posters.

Stella Loves Taylor. Mrs Stella Lautner. T 4 S.

Have also realised that we'll need a celebrity couple name, like Zanessa.

"Tella?" Hannah suggested to me when I raised the issue. 

"Nah. Sounds like Stella but without an S."

The End

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