Don't Be So Ridiculous

Dear Diary

Lu wanted to know what happened to the boy at the gig, but he is so last week. Never again will I fall for those beautiful periwinkle blue eyes..

I was round her house earlier and we had a barbeque with her family. She has an older brother called Jack, who is very fit but definatley out of bounds, and un-fanciable, because a. he is Lu's brother and b. he's Lu's brother.

When I got home, Mum was all up in arms, because I was "neglecting my studies," in other words she got a phone call from Mrs Giles to say I had failed to hand in my Rural Studies homework for the fifth week in a row.

That is nothing. Mike in the year below believes that homework is the spawn of the devil, and got his mum to write a note to proove his religious beliefs. So he gets no homework, and everyone knows that note was forged by Forger Fred who is based in the lower school toilets.

Googled my new fixation for three hours after Mum ranted at me. Oh, such fun. H is so amazingly hot I may die if he ever talks to me.

Which is very unlikely.

Because he's a movie star, and doesn't know I exist.  

The End

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