Hannah Find's the One?

Dear Diary

This time I know it's true love, I'm still totally obsessed with him. I just can't stop thinking about those eyes, his smile... He's the one I've been waiting for, I can feel it!!

Still haven't found out his name yet unfortunatley. I could look him up in the yellow pages if I knew it, or search Facebook with it. Okay, okay, I'm being all "Stalker Stella"-ish again, aren't I?

Honestly I can't help it though. I was busy gushing to Hannah all through Double Chemistry, but she was otherwise occupied watching Year 11 boys doing PE outside the window.

'Hello?' I called to her, waving a hand infront of her dreamy face. 'Anyone at home? Earth to Hannah?'

Hannah jumped, glanced at me, then her eyes instantly flickered back to watch the boys.

'What is with you?' I demanded crossly.

'I've found him,' Hannah said in a sing-song voice. 'The One. Isn't he just perfect?'

I followed her gaze out of the window, and I can honestly say I didn't know which of them she was talking about. They were all very fit, with wonderfully toned arms, but Hannah's gaze was wondering past them, too..

'Oh My God,' I gasped.

'Yes,' she admitted. 'But isn't he dreamy?'

She put her chin on her hands and sighed wistfully.

'Mr Willmot? No, Hannah, just no. Teachers are not allowed to be the one.' I shook my head violently.

'But he's only, like, twenty or something,' Hannah reprimanded me. 'And so hot...'

I couldn't disagree with her there, but still, he's a teacher!

'Do you think he'll say yes?' she asked me.

'He's probably married, Hans.'

Hannah shrugged. 'Doesn't have a ring.'

'You don't have to have one these days. No men wear them anyway.'

'My dad does!' Hannah said hotly, turning round and wacking my fingers with a particulary heavy textbook. We're both in detention for a week.  

The End

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