Wonder (If She'll Get It)

Based on the song by Superchick, this story follows the antics of singleton Stella, who feels that every week she's found her new perfect man. Can nothing pull her back to reality?

Dear Diary

Last night I went with Lucy and Hannah to the show down in town, and I met HIM. Oh my God, you wouldn't believe it. Absolutley amazing. I know deep down inside that this time, he is the one for me.

Fifteen, and hopelessley single, is never a good place to be, and unfortunatley that is my situation.The perfect boy is out there waiting for me, and I know that at the show I found him. I was dancing and chatting with Lu and Hannah, when I trip backwards and crash into someone.

Not the best way to meet the love of your life, but won't it be the most amazing story to tell our children when they ask how we met?? Oh, I can just picture it now. Lu always shakes her head and sighs at me when I get going about the One, but she doesn't understand. Hannah does, though.

I was on the phone for three hours screaming at her with excitement as we discussed him. The way he turned round, grabbed my elbow and steadied me, looking deep into my eyes, and the feeling I got deep in the pit of my stomach, all swoony and slushy.

Hannah says that on her favourite website, FindingHim.com, says that getting a warm romantic feeling is a very good omen and that he is likely to be the One!!

When I told Lu, she rolled her eyes at me and said that I had been a. a little hyper on three Red Bulls and a Relentless, and b. not wearing my contacts.

I found this highly offensive, as she was obviously contidicting my ability to find the One. 'Stella,' she told me wearily, clamping her hands on my shoulders and eyeballing me severley. 'Last Tuesday, you said you had found the One. And the week before that, and before that..'

I had waved a hand in her face dismissivley. 'Don't be an idiot,' I told her importantly. 'This time it's for real. They were just pretend. Wannabee's.'

Lu crossed her arms and scowled at me then, but she does nag sometimes. Just because Lu already HAS a boyfriend, but Ben doesn't even count. He plays the piano and has ginger hair for God's sake. Lu then accused me of being "Gingerist" and declared that I was a Hopeless Case. She does over-react.

After my warm squishy feeling when I saw him, he actually said, 'Hi'. Now, anyone who does that is immediatley high up the One list, but he was just special. Periwinkle eyes, and those high cheekbones and a cheeky smile, with lots of messy strawberry-blonde hair that hung in his face a little.

Cute, undeniabley. The One, definatley. After the show, I clocked him walking ahead of me out of the door, and he turned round and held the door open for me. A true gentelmen, Lu accepted later, but does that really mean he was for me?

Duh, of course it did. Naturally, I don't have a clue where he lives or what school he goes to, but I am well known for tracking down potiential boyfriends.

Okay, so Hannah just looked over my shoulder, (which is very rude, by the way Hannah,) and kindly reminded me of when we were in Year Seven, and one boy found me climbing the tree outside his bedroom window. I was labeled "Stella the Stalker" forever more.

Lu says why didn't that put me off, and my reply is that a true Boyfriend Hunter is never dettered by name calling and taunts of any kind. We are strong!

This time I know it's true love. I can just picture what our children will look like. They'll have his wonderfull periwinkle-blue eyes paired with my upturned nose, and their hair would be a light chesnut, as my dark brown curls blended with his dirty blonde will result in a perfect colour.

We are obviously made for eachother. Lu is still totally un-interested, but that's because she's busy texting Ben on her new phone. The love stricken fool..

Must dash now, but Lu just really annoyed me by saying, 'What was his name again Stella?'

I wonder what his name is? Something modern and classy. No, literary and tragic. Literary and classy? Oh the troubles of love.

The End

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