Chapter 2

Chapter Two


I am a bureaucrat in a cubicle. I wanted to live by the sea, a tyre swing hanging from a lemon tree.  I am a fish in a bowl and I blow little fish kisses to myself. I click away on my computer, someone always counting my minutes, click, click, click, tick, tick, tick.  I don’t make anything, except for mad.  I give and withhold and talk sweetly on the phone.  I am not a creator and it makes me sad.


When I was a girl

I didn't ever say

"I want to tick boxes

when I grow up"

Now all day,

I double click

I ensure my boxes are

all ticked

I dot the I’s

I cross the T's

I'm the best little

box-ticker a girl can be

When I was a girl

I didn't want to

tick boxes

That is the only box

which remains un-ticked



When I was a little girl I was a splash of colour.  I started from scratch and held little hopes on the tips of each one of my fingers.  “She will be someone” they said “she will outgrow herself”.


Now I am a white crayon drawing, drawn on white paper. 

The End

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