Womblecheep and the missing cat

The Womblecheep is determined to find a missing cat.

Womblecheep and the missing cat

By Jason Moody

It was a bright, sunny day in the small town of Wallham, and the locals were busy with their day.

Mr Granary was busy stocking his shelves with wonderful smelling breads and cakes; one particular cake was as big as a football.

Mr Poots the postman was having to haul a huge post bag today. Maybe lots of people had birthdays, or maybe it was the day everybody received their dreaded bills. Urgh.

From the scrap yard of Mr. Rust, came lots of clanging and banging. Mr Rust could  not be seen however, he had buried himself deep in the pile of junk in his yard. His dog, Twinkle, dozed in the late morning sunshine, perhaps dreaming about a juicy bone or a nice steak.

Everybody was busy doing something; apart from the Womblecheep.

The Womblecheep didn't have a job. He didn't go to school. He was just the Womblecheep you see. But he was a very useful eight foot ogre, if truth be told.

But today, he didn't have any jobs to do. He was bored. When the Womblecheep was bored, he would eat. But he was so bored, he didn't feel like eating.

Usually, if he gets a bit bored, he would see his best friend, Matty. But Matty was at school today. What would he do?

As it was sunny, he decided to take a walk up the hill behind his house. It didn't take him long to reach the top of the hill. He stopped for a few minutes and looked down at the town below. If there was one thing he never got bored of, it was the beautiful view. The small town sat in a small valley between two larger hills. The hills were covered in a lush green forest. It was lovely.

Once he had finished admiring this view, which took him the best part of a minute, he sighed.

"I'm so bored," he said aloud.

Minutes later he was back at the foot of the hill and heading towards town. Mr Poots waved as he struggled past with his mail sack. The Womblecheep offered to help, but Mr Poots politely declined.

Several people in town greeted him as he walked passed. Miss Potter, the librarian gave him a big hug when she saw him. The Womblecheep was very fond of Miss Potter, and would often spend time in the library helping, or just reading.

He passed Mr Granary's shop, where the Womblecheep's favourite was waiting for him; apple pie with a chocolate topping, with sprinkles on. Yummy. He thanked Mr Granary, telling him he would return later for his cake.

He stood now, in the middle of town. Everyone was busy but him. He ruffled his green hair and puffed out his cheeks. What was he to do?

Suddenly, he could hear someone calling out. He walked towards the voice so he could hear better.

"Pebbles...pebbles, where are you?" the voice enquired.

It was a young lady. She wore a flowery dress and her hair was blonde, tied back in a ponytail.

Upon seeing the Womblecheep, she smiled. "You haven't seen my cat, have you?"

The Womblecheep shook his head.

The lady looked worried. "It's not like her to disappear like this. I'm ever so worried."

This gave the Womblecheep an idea. "I know," he started. "I'll help you look for your cat."

The lady beamed with delight.

"Oh would you? That's ever so kind of you"

Finally, he had something to do. he even had a plan.

"I tell you what," he said. "We'll split up and look around the town, and in an hour's time, we'll meet at the library"

The lady agreed. She thanked him and went on her way.

The Womblecheep sprang into action. Where could this cat be? he thought. he made a list in his head of all the places he would look, then he set off on his new mission. He was quite excited by this, it was like being a detective, he thought.

The first place he would look was the school yard.

he got to the school and the children were on their break. they were busy playing all kinds of games together. Matty saw him from across the playground, well, it is difficult not to see an eight foot tall ogre, isn't it?

Matty came running over to his friend.

"Hiya Wombly, what's up?" he asked.

"I'm looking for a cat," he said.

Matty looked confused. The trouble is, Matty often looked confused.

"Why are you looking for a cat?" he asked. "You haven't got a cat now, have you?"

The Womblecheep shook his head. "I'm helping a young lady find her cat. She's very worried about it."

"Good luck," said Matty. "I better get back to the game. We're six nil down." With that, he ran back to his friends. The Womblecheep returned to being detective.

 If I was a cat, where would I go? he thought.

The Womblecheep thought about the times he had sat in the library and almost fallen asleep. Maybe the cat had gone there to get some peace and quiet, he thought.

The library was quiet.

Miss Potter was busy putting books on the shelves, but she always had time for the Womblecheep.

"Hello Wombly," she beamed. "What brings you here?"

The Womblecheep would have liked nothing more than to stay and read, or just talk to Miss Potter. But today, he had a mission. A very important mission.

"I'm looking for a cat," he said.

Miss Potter smiled. The Womblecheep could tell that she thought it might be one of his silly games.

"Oh No. This isn't one of my silly games," he said. "I'm on a mission."

"What mission's that?" she asked.

The Womblecheep felt really proud to be on this mission. "I'm helping a lady find her cat."

Miss Potter bit her lower lip and tilted her head to one side. "Oh Wombly, that's ever so kind of you."

The Womblecheep bent over. He was eight foot tall, remember. He looked on all the shelves. He looked under all the shelves. He couldn't find any sign of a cat. But, he did find a book he had long been searching for called 'Baking for beginners. He reminded himself to return later to pick it up.

Outside again. The Womblecheep thought of the next place to look.

He had only just made it through the gate when twinkle came rushing over, jumping up and down at his feet. he picked her up in his huge hands and gave her a little squeeze. Not too tightly though. Twinkle wagged her tail and licked his face. She was always happy to see him.

He set Twinkle down, and she barked and danced excitedly. With that, Mr Rust appeared from the middle of a scrap pile.

"'Ello Wombly mate, what you doing 'ere?" he asked.

"I'm looking for a cat," he said.

Mr Rust laughed. "I don't think no cat would come 'ere mate. Twinkle would chase them off." He looked at twinkle, making cat noises. Twinkle's ears pricked and she barked louder.

"But you're welcome to have a look around mate," he said.

The Womblecheep started to look around. He liked it here. He would often find useful things, and quite often, he would help Mr Rust with whatever he was doing.

He lifted up huge pieces of metal with ease. But no cat.

He lifted up rusty old cars, but no sign of pebbles. He did find an old bicycle wheel that would come in very handy, so he reminded himself to come back later.

His fingers were now covered in a dark orange dust from handling all the rusty metal.

He'd been to the playground. He'd searched in the library. He'd just looked in the scrap yard, but no cat. Where next? he thought.

He checked the alarm clock that was hanging around his neck. He was running out of time.

The Womblecheep headed for the town's lake.

It was lined with trees and had benches where you could sit and relax. Lots of people would have picnics here. They would also bring bread to feed all the birds that came here. It was a very peaceful place. All he could hear was the chatter of birds and the quacking of ducks, which always sounded like laughter to him.

He saw a man fishing. He walked over.

The man greeted him enthusiastically whilst devouring a sandwich.

"Hell there," he said. "Come to fish?"

The Womblecheep shook his head. "Not today. I'm looking for a cat."

The man laughed. "Good idea, looking here. Cats do like to chase birds, don't they?"

The man reached into his bag and took out a pair of binoculars.

"Try these. The cat might be hiding about here somewhere."

The binoculars were so small, The Womblecheep had to close one eye so he could see with the other.

He looked over the lake. There were plenty of ducks, splashing and quacking. A family of swans sailed effortlessly through the water towards a couple on the bank throwing bread in.

He saw the cows in the neighbouring field. they weren't doing much, just being lazy cows.

The Womblecheep could even see the cars on the motorway in the distance, but he could see no cat.

He returned the binoculars to the man and he made his way back towards the town. But not before dipping his toes in the lake. He loved the cool feeling of the water on his toes. Silly Womblecheep.

Time really was running out now. It would soon be time to meet the lady at the library. At this, the Womblecheep felt a little sad. He hadn't seen any sign of a cat, and he knew the lady would be upset. he didn't like to see people upset.

As fast as he could. He popped his head in all the doorways of all the shops in town. One by one, he asked people if they had seen a cat. Nobody had seen a cat.

The Womblecheep made his way to the library with a heavy heart. He was not looking forward to seeing the lady upset.

The lady was sat outside the library. Upon seeing the Womblecheep, she leapt from the bench and ran towards him. The Womblecheep couldn't hide his disappointment. the lady saw his face and felt sad.

"I'm sorry lady," he said. "I've looked everywhere I could think of, I couldn't see your cat anywhere."

The lady smiled a weak smile. "Thank you so much for trying" she said, close to tears.

The woman turned away and slowly made her way home. The Womblecheep was now very sad. On his way home, he picked up his cake from Mr Granary in an attempt to cheer himself up.

All the way home he thought about the poor lady who had lost her cat. he left town, walked over the stone bridge and headed back to his barn.

He made his way along the path to his front door when a noise stopped him in his tracks. he could hear purring. But he didn't have a cat.

He looked about him, but he couldn't see a cat. He bent over to look past his growing belly, and there at his feet was a black and white cat he'd never seen before.

"You must be Pebbles," he said to the cat. The cat didn't answer, because cats can't talk.

The cat brushed its head against the Womblecheep's leg. It's tail slowly dancing behind it.

The Womblecheep scooped the cat up in his enormous hands. He had never been so pleased to see a cat in his whole life.

The cat nuzzled into the Womblecheep's face. It's whiskers tickling him.

"Right, let's get you 'ome," he said.

He gently carried the cat in his arms, as he walked back towards town. holding the cat close, he felt like a hero.

Trouble was, he didn't know where the lady lived.

He knocked on many doors. Many people said what a lovely cat he had, but it wasn't theirs.

The Womblecheep described the lady, but nobody knew who she was.

His last stop, was Mr Rust's scrap yard. MR Rust was a very friendly man, who knew almost everybody in town. Surely he would know.

The Womblecheep hid the cat in the pocket of his waistcoat so Twinkle wouldn't see. Twinkle knew something was up, but she didn't bark.

He told Mr Rust he had found the cat, but couldn't find who it belonged to.

Mr Rust pulled a thinking face. "I think I knows whose cat that might be."

The Womblecheep was very excited at this news.

"I think it might be the new family that's just moved into the town," said Mr Rust. "They live in the house just at the end of the street past the library."

"Oh wonderful," said the Womblecheep. "I'll go there right away.

Before long he had reached the house. he knocked on the door and the lady answered. She had been crying.

She invited him in. He stooped down as not to bang his head and followed her into their kitchen.

Two young girls were sat at the wooden table looking sad. The Womblecheep's stomach turned with excitement at the news he had.

He smiled. But nobody else did.

The lady introduced the Womblecheep. "He has been helping me try to find pebbles," she said.

The Womblecheep let out a little laugh. "I've done better than that."

The Womblecheep slowly put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the black and white cat. The children leapt from their seat all excited. The lady jumped up and down.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," she said. "wherever did you find her?"

The Womblecheep explained and the lady and her children could not be happier.

They all hugged him.

"Let's all go to the bakers and get some cakes," said the woman. "This is something to celebrate."

They all made their way to the bakers. The children had cream cakes, the lady had a chocolate doughnut. The Womblecheep, for a change, tried a chocolate filled pie. Everybody was happy.

later that day, the Womblecheep was busy making tea in his kitchen. He'd looked for a missing cat. He'd found the cat, and he'd made some new friends.

Not such a boring day after all.


The end.








The End

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