The other prick

I took two tylenol and jugged back some tepid tap water. I had to go to work.I wanted to go to work.  I needed to do something more productive then opening the fridge over and over and channel surfing. I refused to dwell. I was not going to waste my sick days on Mr. Right now.

I pinned back my piecey brownd ( or was it brond?) hair. Half blond half brown. My sister told me I looked trendy with this new cut. Trendy like that mattered. I put on eye liner for her. She always said " Just because you work the graveyard shift doesn't mean you have to look it"  But I wasn't wearing lip gloss teenage girls wear lip gloss not police officers.

I got in my car. I titled my rearview mirror. Good no one could tell I was wearing make-up. I fixed the rear view and put on my seat belt. I checked my blind spot and started for the police station. I jumped something was as just my cell phone. I stopped and pulled over. Driving and talking on cell phones was illegal now. I took my phone out of the cup holder. I looked at the caller id it was my sister Nina.

" What?" I barked

" Omg it's horrible!" Nina said breathlessly

" Are you hurt?" I asked

" No" Nina said insulted

I ran my fingers through my hair. And did some deep breathing...If this was another bad lunch story, I was going to freak. For some reason Nina assumed I could arrest people who didn't get her sandwich order right. Unfortunately she wasn't the only one.

" What's the problem Nina?"

" It's horrible, Brooke! Some one vandalized the salon. I drove by it to show my new bf and there it was..."

" What was there?" I asked. I was on the edge of my seat now.

" A  Penis" She moaned

" Graffiti?" I asked

" Pornography!" She spat out.

" I'll check it out on my lunch break" I promised

" Put out an APB I don,t want this criminal out on the street"

I rolled my eyes but all I said was " I'll look into it"

I was not going to enjoy telling Phil that we were going to have to check out a prick literally, And if there was a god we would not have to interview my high strung fashionista sister. I would lose total credibility as she whined and messed with my hair.

The End

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