In order to acept that i am a woman do i need to behave like one?

Sean`s words had left me thinking.

Did i know how to be a woman?

And what did that implied ? In these days of the 21s century the image of feminity had been re-writen to describe the inpowered woman who in least of half a century had gone from barefooted in the kitchen to becaming judges,doctors,and sometimes presidents of major companies not to mention other more adventures activities.

The bottom line is that women no longer depended on men to make ends meat (so to speak), and without that use what were relanshionships base upon ?

I lost my own tought that is certanly two questions.

 So i will think of an answer for the first one, well -first.

In my own toughts i think a woman does not have to be always in pretty clothes or in a soft genttle manner in life. Sometimes we are required to be strong and make dificult decisions and i know that is when we are seen across as rutless and lets be honest, we know behind our back (or even to our faces ), they call us  "b....".

But if a man behave that way he would not be frown upon, so is being a woman always equal be not a man ?

How unfair is that i am not allow my own self just because my behavior in how i live my life resemble that of a man ?

I will have to allow this to stay in my mind and give it some tought until i can come with a more suitable answer (one i can live with).

I don`t think i want to touch the other one today i can feel a headache coming !...

The End

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