Wolves: A short story

A 14 year old boy and his family is hunted by a pack of wolves one by one

I smiled at my mother and big sister, they smiled back warmly. I shivered at the breeze that blew in the window of our old shack that we lived in. We couldn't really make anything better than it, not since Dad died. The walls were covered in holes from termites and other bugs, it had mold along the ceiling and the windows were broken. I climbed into my mothers arms even though I was 14. My mother, sister and I cuddled under the thin blanket on the couch.

Our old shack was out in the middle of the forest, we couldn't build anything, dad was the handy person. He was out trying to get us some firewood, he forgot his ax, so he just gathered the branches along the ground. A pack of wolves came by and attacked him, we found his body a day later, his body was cut in small cuts, but overall he didn't look too mangled. We carried him back to the shack and buried him in the backyard.

Over the next months we had lived happily, even though we were still very sad about my father dying. We went on a foraging trip deep into the forest to pick nuts and berries to eat for dinner along with the deer we killed. I laughed at a joke my mother told as we picked some blueberries. We smiled at each other. 

Suddenly, we heard a growl come out from the forest. A pack of wolves emerged from out behind some trees. We whimpered in fear, and tried to run away. The wolves got my sister first, they bit her on the ankle and drug her down. We watched as they tore her arm off, making blood spray out. She passed out from the pain. My mother and I cried as we ran faster, trying to escape. 

My mother was next, they jumped up and bit the back of her neck, blood splattered out. She fell to the ground, still alive but barely breathing. 

They backed me up against the tree. I cried, my entire family was almost dead, and I was next. The wolves growled, I looked down to see a large piece of glass. I picked it up and stabbed one of the wolves in the eye. It whined and screamed in pain, they ran away. 

I walked slowly to my mother and sister's side. I lay between them, cuddling with them one last time. Tears flowed from my eyes as i listened to their heavy breathing. "I-I l-love you, Mom. I-I l-love you A-Adalynn," I whispered to them. I kissed their heads, I wanted to show them love before they left this earthly plain. 

As their souls left their body, I held them close to my heart. I carried their bodies back home and buried them next to dad. 


It's been 4 months since they died. A couple days after, I went out foraging and somehow, I got lost, but I know someday that I will get back home. The snow fell heavily around me as I continued walking. My body shook from the cold, I pulled my hat more over my head. I rubbed my cheeks trying to make them warm. I sighed sadly.

The snow died down, but it hadn't really stopped. I pulled an apple from my pocket and ate it hungrily. I heard a wolf howl from inside the forest. "n-no, n-not now!," I yelled. I ate the apple as I ran, trying to get away from the nearing vicious pack of wolves. I could hear the howls getting closer and closer. 

I turned around to see the wolves following closely behind me, snapping at my legs trying to take me down. I screamed in terror. 

OOFF! I hit the ground, I looked over my shoulder to see the that I tripped over my sister's tombstone. I tried to get up but one of the wolves caught up to me. The wolf bit my leg and trashed me around a bit. I screamed in pain and kicked the wolf in the throat. He didn't budge. I cried as I frantically tried to get the wolf off my leg. 

The other wolves caught up quickly and joined in on chewing on my leg. I lay back along the graves of my family, oblivious to the immense pain. Tears flowed from my eyes, I watched the snow fall from the sky. 

I smiled at the sky as the wolves feasted on my body. "Hello, Mom. Hello, Adalynn. Hello, D-Dad." 

The End

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