Bared Fangs, Broken Pride

Gorilla lived up to his name. He had been running the combat arena since she was brought in as a little girl. He was a large man of Samoan descent, expert in most hand to hand styles and vicious with a blade. He gave Wolf a nod as she entered the arena. 

“Greeting’s Pup! I heard you and Raven got a little wager going on?” She could see the anticipation on his face at the thought of such a contest.

Daciana gave Gorilla a puzzled look as she tossed her duffel bag aside. “Wager sir?” Daciana began to have a bad feeling about what was to come, but she did not show it.

Gorilla gave a laugh as Raven entered the sparring ring. “Yes, you and Raven will fight. Winner gets the loser’s duties for the next month.”

Daciana growled a low sound, disgusted at Raven’s behavior. Instead of helping her train he was finding a way to take petty revenge against her. There was nothing she could do, however, if Gorilla was accepting the contest so she shrugged her acknowledgement as she stepped inside the ring, loosening her muscles while keeping an eye on Raven who gave a grin as he began to stretch. 

“Come on runt, let’s get this little game started, shall we?” he bit out before he lunged towards Daciana with a wide roundhouse. Daciana ducked down and threw a foot at Raven’s gut; the blow caused the large man to stumble back for a moment. The quiet and contained Daciana was gone as the Wolf took over. It was what Raven was looking for, the animal that lived beneath the surface that thrilled in the fight. He began testing the Wolf’s defenses, each punch designed to test her guard. Once she was lost in the heat of the fight she was more animal then girl, reacting to aggression with her own. She bared her teeth, a feral expression on her face. She had caught Raven’s body with a few solid blows, but she was at a disadvantage. She was trained to slip in and out of the shadows, escape detection and quickly finish any battle using what was necessary. She was trained to be a city creature.  Raven had grown up in guerilla compounds and lived for the fight. He was ready for her and therein lay her downfall. He finally broke through Wolf’s defense and grabbed her in a massive bear hug, Wolf screamed as she felt her body crushed in Raven’s mockery of a hug. 

“F..” Her voice abandoned her as she tried thrashing loose. She pulled back her head, ready to smash her forehead into Raven’s nose, but he chose that moment to squeeze harder. Anger burned within her. He was supposed to be teaching her, not merely proving he was bigger and stronger. Raven’s massive grin only angered her more. Wolf could feel her concentration fading, blackness creeping up around her as she fought for the last ounce of oxygen. Her body became limp as Raven applied more pressure. As the fog of unconsciousness rose to pull her down her final thought was that perhaps Raven was not going to stop.Gorilla did not call the fight, did not bring it to an end when it was clear that Raven had won.

Instead, an angry voice cracked through the air and her body dropped to the ground. 

“That’s enough, Raven!” Hyena growled as he circled around Wolf, giving her time to catch her breath and regain her feet. Raven began to speak, biting out explanations of the “friendly” fight.

Hyena didn’t respond, simply undid the buttons of his pressed suit jacket. “So, you were playing? Come now Raven, you’ve had an issue with my pupil since she came to this Brotherhood. An attack on her is an attack on me. I will not have those under my command behaving like brawling children. We have better things to do with our skills. Now fight me!”

Raven took a step back.“Are you sure old man?” The jibe was intended to get under Hyena’s skin, but there was no discernable reaction as Hyena nodded. Raven attempted to use the same trick on Hyena as he had used to stun Wolf, hoping to pull him in tight to negate Hyena’s quickness. Unlike his pupil, however, Hyena grabbed Raven’s fist, then placed a swift blow to his shoulder. There was a solid pop as Raven’s shoulder dislocated in a single blow. 

Raven fell to the ground, trying to hold back his sounds of pain. , Hyena wasted no time in putting the sparring ring to its true purpose and educating Raven on his own shortcomings. Once the two were done fighting, Hyena had picked up his jacket and in a calm, ordered manner redressed himself. Raven lay on the ground, a bloodied mess.

Hyena felt no sympathy for the man. Raven used his position in the Brotherhood to fulfill his own urge to kill and cause pain. That was not what they were about, far from it. They were there to protect the world from those who would inflict great harm and suffering. It was not the first time he had questioned Raven’s loyalty and commitment to their ideals. This was to have been a simple sparring match to improve Daciana’s close combat techniques, giving her a chance to learn from an expert in what should have been a safe setting. 

“Raven, you made a poor choice, and had to be taught. Did you honestly think injuring Wolf would lead to my approval? You are to teach her how to fight, not break her. She can get places neither of us are able to. Now she’s going to be useless for a few days while she recovers. You are to handle all her duties until she returns.” Raven sputtered a reply as he slowly got to his feet, but Hyena was not paying any attention. Instead his gaze had turned to Gorilla who received a narrowed glare. “Take him to Hare and ensure she patches him up.” Gorilla knew better to argue as he was at least partially to blame for not stopping the fight from happening, or at least ending it before Wolf took any real damage. He placed an arm under Raven as the two left. Hyena then turned his attention towards Wolf. 

“That was foolish. You let your emotions get in control, Wolf. Raven played to that and took you apart. Instead of fighting smart you let him anger you and you did not escape a hold you should have found to be little trouble. You must realize you have to keep yourself under control. You must be calm if you are to deal our justice. Kill one and save a hundred innocent lives. Now you are relieved for two days which will set back your next mission. I expect you to remain in your room and recover. If you need medication contact me and I will have it delivered. Dismissed again!” He left before Wolf had a moment to plead her case. It would have been futile anyway. Hyena had made his point. There was no forgiveness for mistakes, She was going to have to work twice as hard to prove herself worthy now. She quietly gathered her equipment and limped towards her barracks, biting her lip until it bled to keep from crying out at the pain as she returned to her room to lick her wounds.  

The End

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