Chapter 15Mature

Sandra (31): The Christmas New Moon Party (Post 1)
Saturday 15th December

At the New Moon Party held on the 11th of November, Roger had announced that he was starting to plan for the young people’s New Moon Party to take place in December, mentioning that his co-organiser would be Kayla Chalcedony, his soulmate (who had looked radiant in Roger’s company that evening, to Sandra’s gladness). Sandra herself hadn’t had any ideas to contribute, though she knew that Rhyley had asked for alcoholic drinks to be served.

“And do you need alcohol to have a good time?” she had asked him when he had told her this.

“No, of course not,” he’d said, stroking her cheek. “I have you.”

Tonight, the night of the party, Sandra was dressed in a knee-length dark blue dress, whose surface was covered with sequins of the same shade. Her hair was up in a high ponytail, and she wore navy blue stilettos on her feet.

Still not permitted to travel in Rhyley’s car if he was driving, Sandra was taken to the hall which Kayla and Roger had booked by her mother, who kissed her cheek and wished her a good time before driving away. She walked in to find that she was one of the first arrivals, the others being Kayla and Roger (naturally), and a couple comprising a taller version of Jonah and an Asian girl with lovely black hair and dark eyes.

“Sandra!” Kayla exclaimed, seeing her at the door of the main part of the hall. “Come in. You look beautiful.”

Sandra walked in, careful how she placed her feet, not wanting to break her ankle.

“Thank you - you too,” she told Kayla, who was wearing a pale pink dress and a sparkling silver-coloured necklace.

“Thanks,” Kayla said, smiling.

“And Roger, you look smart,” Sandra commented, looking at Roger’s dark blue suit and thinking that maybe he had overdone it just slightly.

“Thank you,” said Roger, smiling warmly. “Sandra, I’d like to introduce you to Darryn and Tamrita. Darryn is Jonah’s older brother and Tamrita is his soulmate. I’ve given them a list of the people who are 18 and they’ll be tending the bar.”

“But you’re Rhyley’s soulmate, so you’ll probably be getting some too,” said Darryn, grinning.

“Nah, I’m not going to drink till my birthday,” Sandra said.

“Ah, a sensible one,” said Tamrita approvingly in an American accent - Sandra wouldn’t know where to begin with what state that accent belonged to.

“Oh, I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment,” Darryn teased.

Tamrita shrugged.

“You can’t help it, I guess.”

“Your name’s very pretty,” Sandra told the American girl.

“Thank you,” Tamrita said, smiling widely. “It’s made up - a combination of Tamzin and Rita. Or so my parents say. I like your name too.”

Sandra smiled.


“Mine’s just Darren with a y instead of an e,” said Darryn woefully.

Sandra grinned.

“So how many people are coming tonight?” she asked Roger.

“There’s 13 more to come, actually,” he replied, sounding pleased. “Jonah and Ben had their Wolf Dreams and found out that their soulmates are from another pack - and another two from that pack will be coming as well so that Jonah and Ben’s soulmates don’t feel like they don’t know anyone . Also, Natalie and Amelie are bringing a friend of theirs each.”

“So 18 including us?” Darryn asked, his eyes sparking with amusement. “Wild.”

“Are you sure we can manage them, Roger?” asked Tamrita jokingly.

“I think so,” Roger said, pretending not to be sure.

“It’ll be so interesting to meet this other pack,” Kayla remarked. “Apparently, Jonah’s soulmate is the Alpha’s daughter - the eldest child.”

“Wow,” Sandra said. “Exciting for him.”

Darryn nodded.

“I never imagined my brother could do so well for himself.”

“You’re so mean to him,” Tamrita said, rolling her eyes. “And does that mean that you haven’t done well for yourself? Because you were fated to be with me?”

Darryn stroked her shoulder.

“No. You know I’m only teasing.”

At that gesture of affection Sandra began to miss Rhyley. She took her first proper look around the room. It wasn’t overly decorated but in one corner stood a giant Christmas trees adorned with baubles, tinsel and an angel. Also she noticed some fairy lights around the window in the wall that she guessed was going to be the bar. Along one side of the room were tables with finger food set out on plates on them. She looked over to the back of the room and saw the DJ setting up his machines.

“I don’t think I’ve been to a disco in a while,” she said absently.

“Oh, I love the fifth form ones,” said Kayla enthusiastically. “They’re great for escaping the stress of being in the big exam year - I mean, I know A levels are more important, but you don’t have nine or ten of those.”

“I know what you mean,” Sandra said, smiling. “I look back on my GCSE years and wondered how I ever coped with that amount of subjects.”

Kayla grinned.

“So, are you and Roger, like, seniors?” Tamrita asked.

“Yeah, we’re in the last year of secondary school,” Sandra replied. “What about you?”

“Oh, I’ve finished school - I’m at college now.”


“And I’m on my gap year,” said Darryn brightly. “In case anyone wanted to know.”

“No, they didn’t,” teased Tamrita.

“You know,” Darryn said casually - “I’ve always thought the ‘tam’ part of your name came from ‘tamarin’ - you know those little monkeys?”

“Very funny,” said Tamrita, rolling her eyes again.

Darryn shrugged.

“I thought it was.”

There were footsteps and everyone looked towards the door to see who had arrived. In walked four strangers - a girl who liked like the group’s leader, even though she didn’t look older than Sandra or Roger, with long brown hair and hazel-coloured eyes, a boy of the same eye and hair colour who looked like he could be her identical twin, an older girl with short strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, and a younger boy with tousled black hair and nice blue eyes. The girl walked straight up to Roger and stopped in front of him, smiling and proffering a hand.

“Florence Pinclaw. Pleasure to meet you.”


The End

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